"I think the support that I received was much needed at the time because if you get disappointing results it is easy to get discouraged. Through the sessions the confidence I had in myself increased and this meant that I felt I could do my exams."

Fiona - Year 12 Student


Frances Green has worked in education for over 25 years and has also been a member of the Board of Governors of a local Primary School for 10 years, being Vice Chair or Chair for 8 years. She holds an MSc from Aberystwyth University and wrote her dissertation on the Changing Status of Adolescent Females in Post War Society – as reflected in the pages of their comics and magazines. This looked closely at adolescence and youth culture and changing expectations among teenage girls and was also the starting point for investigating teenagers and self esteem.

Revision & Exams

Easter Holidays – Revision?

Maybe you don’t know where to start, although you realise that something should have been done about revision before the Easter Break. The problem often is that you don’t know where to start. For holistic learners, in particular, school work can seem like an unassailable mountain and the more you ignore it, the bigger the mountain becomes.

It might be that you feel no matter how long you work, you just can’t remember anything or you might find it difficult to concentrate for longer than an nano-second. These are not new problems. many students find it difficult to get down to work, stay on task or commit information to memory but  these are not impossible problems. With a few useful strategies you can regain control. It’s all about finding ways which work for you so don’t put off the task of revision, find a way to deal with it! I can help you if you are prepared to give learning a chance!

Contact Frances by phone or email: frances@francesgreen.com or phone 01600750519


Learn Effectively for Success

Learn Effectively for Success with Independent Learning Mentor
Frances Green MSc

Frances provides one to one mentoring in the Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Powys area. Based in Monmouth she is prepared to travel or offer support over the internet. Specialising in coaching for teenagers studying GCSE and A level she can really help you to achieve better grades. Inspirational workshops for groups of students are also offered in addition to INSET and training in effective learning.