The same old, same old…..

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Research in the UK this week suggests that physical activity helps improve academic performance. In the  US  town of Santa Rosa the news is that teenagers have different sleep patterns and maybe the school day should start later. meanwhile we have breakfast clubs so that children can start the day with food in their stomachs and thus aid concentration. And so it goes on, all these NEW discoveries that have in actual fact been kicking around for years. It is no secret that physical activity can effect learning performance, although there will always be exceptions to the rule. Someone pointed...

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Stepping boldly into Year 13

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Term has started and once the sparkle has worn off its back to work! Why is it, that even though you’ve had 8 weeks holiday, it feels as though you’ve never been away? For teachers parent and pupils the old routine soon kicks in. If you’ve obtained good AS results you probably feel as though the world is at your feet and you can move successfully onward and upward but if you didn’t the journey can seem a bit harder. It is a good idea to think carefully about what needs to change this academic year if you are to achieve your goal. This can be a bit painful because you...

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Time to reflect?

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  The press is full of doom and gloom about exam results. Exams are easier, grades are more generous, grades are tighter and the end is nigh. Not what you want to hear! This is a stressful time for teenagers and they really do need a lot of support at this time and reassurance that all is well. Once the dust has settled though and everyone feels calmer a little reflection is useful, especially if you didn’t get the grades you expected. Again the press is full of helpful advice as to what to do if your A levels miss the target but year on year my concern lies with those students who...

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Playing the waiting game

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It looks like a long hot summer but for many teenagers there are some clouds on the horizon. Those clouds are the looming results days. Adult thinking says that once the exams are over, they are done and dusted. You can’t  change anything so there is no point in worrying but this is easier said than done. For Year 11 students it must seem like an interminable wait until the end of August to knowhow they have done in their first public exams. For A level students the bar is even higher as their Higher Education rests on these results so parents should understand the worries niggling...

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Get on course for the new academic year

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Do you want to think about Autumn 2013 now? Of course you do. All too soon the Summer Holidays will be over and a whole year of new challenges will lie ahead, both for you and your pupils. I have met many interesting people this past year and the it seems to me that one of the biggest problems for students is coping with academic work in the age of distraction. It has certainly been an eye opener for me! Obviously I was aware that teenagers today have many more calls on their time ranging from their mobile phone through social media and just the variety of online and offline activities which...

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Coping with stress…

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  When I asked a group of Year 12’s if they were feeling stressed eyebrows were raised. What a stupid question! Of course they were stressed…. they had exams. In common rooms and corridors the phrase ‘I am so stressed’, rings out and it is probably true. So what are the symptoms of stress and how can you deal with it? Lying awake worrying about things is quite common. It might be that you can’t get to sleep or that you go to sleep and then wake with a start as you remember something you haven’t done or worry that you will forget some vital piece of...

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