Talking the talk. (Revision Topic 2)

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Girls love to talk! Boys do too but girls probably excel at chatter. What has that got to do with revision, you may ask and the answer is “quite a lot”. In the cohorts I surveyed over the years using the Dunn and Prashnig LSA, over 80%of sixth formers ( YR12) would be talkers. These were the girls who often would be talking in class when they shouldn’t be but above all they would be the pupils who would relish discussions and would actually learn more from a discussion than a lecture. When I visited Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire and sat in on their lessons...

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Memories are made of this.

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Memory is a headline grabber. Last week the news was all about clenching your right fist as you try to remember something and then clenching the left fist when you need to recall it. Many teenagers are probably shaking their fists at their revision as they try to cram in seemingly endless facts which they hope to recall in the exam. At the other end of the scale a close member of the family struggles to remember what she had for lunch, even what day it is and yet, as with many older people her schooldays are reasonably clear. Talking about the past seems to bring things alive again, although...

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Workshops: top tips for revision

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I feel as though I’ve done millions of workshops over the years and often wonder whether they make a difference. Picture the scene: it’s a swelteringly hot afternoon, there are 80 teenagers sitting in front of you waiting with little enthusiasm for yet another PSHE lecture. I know from my research that only a small proportion are likely to be receptive to learning in the afternoon, only a small percentage will be good listeners and for probably at least half of them the heat will be off-putting. Yet exams are on the horizon and you hope that you do have some pearls of wisdom to...

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School refusers

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One of the most frequent searches on my website is by parents with a school refuser in the family. Every week, it seems, someone has a concern about a teenager who doesn’t want to go to school. For every school refuser there is an anxious parent wondering how to get around the problem. Often, it would seem among girls, the problems can arise in Year 9 when girls discover the’social side’ of life and the opposite sex. In year 9 the divisions between different social groups become more apparent. There will always be a set who think they are super cool and madly attractive....

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How can I revise??????

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1. Using Flashcards It’s a mystery isn’t it? There’s all those notes just staring you in the face but how do you transfer the words from the page into your memory? If there was one, sure, certain way that fitted everyone it would be easy but there isn’t. Rule Number One is that just reading through them is probably not going to work. Not unless you learned everything very well before and a quick glance over your notes will bring it all flooding back! You have got to do something with the information to make it memorable. Rule Number Two then is engage with your...

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Are you motivated for the race to the finish?

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The tension is rising as exams loom on the horizon. I seem to have been inundated with Yr. 13 students who have not exactly lost the plot but lost their motivation. I think parents and teachers assume that the exams are the final hurdle in the school career of pupils and like a lot of Grand National Horses they are all racing to glory.  Even without Beecher’s Brook some aren’t going to make it to the end of the rececourse intact. That sounds a little bit gloomy and of course many students are cantering along nicely – which just makes those who can’t get out of the...

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