Striking a balance

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I’ve just filed my article for this months Monnow Voice on striking a balance when it comes to study. It is easy to underestimate the damage stress can  cause when exams or deadlines loom. In the article, I recall that the sound of a lawnmower and freshly bruised grass has me right back behind a rickety desk, window open and the helpful gardener creating a din while I try to recall the intricacies of Perkin Warbeck and Lambert Simnel, or photosynthesis. At weekends we would lie in the meadow, working on our tans and kidding ourselves we were revising. It was a long time ago but the...

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New Year – new you?

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Its raining and the first day of the new academic year. Not a good start. before the end of the week, Summer will be a distant memory but there is so much else to look forward to. A new term is like a new exercise book, a blank sheet ready for your best work. Time for reflection: what went well last year and what was not so good? From the beginning of term sort out your work life balance. No one wants you to be consumed by schoolwork but neither do you want to run yourself ragged involving yourself in too many activities. One of my clients was always behind with her work and her teachers...

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New Year Resolutions

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New year resolutions are easily broken and the reason is – they are often unachievable. We set the goal post too high or too far away. We say we will shed 2 stone, which may be desirable if overweight but we might be better saying we’ll eat healthily and exercise more and as a consequence lose weight. Students might say they want to get straight A’s in every subject which is a very good aim but it depends where your starting point is. How much pressure will you need to put yourself under? How do you perform under stress? Do you need to lower the bar a little and move it up...

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When the fire’s gone out: problems with motivation

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School is not the most important thing in a student’s life. It might be difficult to accept but more and more students can find something they would rather do! When I first started assessing students well over a decade ago it was unusual to find an externally motivated student – maybe 1 or a maximum of 2 in a cohort of 80. Now,  it seems, every student i work with is externally motivated so what’s happening? What are their priorities? Sport is something which can easily take precedence over study.Boys may be dedicated to football or rugby or any other sport and find that it...

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Good news?

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Can we all remember what it was like waiting for results? Was it as bad as thinking about the impending exams,or worse,  I wonder? My husband claims that he still has nightmares about exams and I wouldn’t like to say how many years it is since he was in school! Sometimes, as adults, we forget how stressful exam results are because we have had so many other stresses in our lives since the event. For those teenagers who have got the results they wanted, all is well and they can look forward to the next big thing but for others it is probably all a bit confusing. My particular concern at...

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Talking about the homework blues: workshop for parents 10th May 2014

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  I was unusually nervous last week when asked to run a workshop for parents at the local comprehensive school. Not because I was nervous of the parents but because this was the first time the Friends of the school had organised such a venture and I rather felt that if I didn’t engage the audience I could put the whole programme in danger. Originally I thought maybe half a dozen would turn up on a Saturday afternoon but then the week before I got an email to say 40 had registered, then another to say 70 and finally well over 80 turned out. I don’t think it was because they wanted to...

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