How Frances Can Help

Having teenagers in the house can be troublesome! Just when you though they were approaching adulthood they become even more demanding. It is no accident that teens need more than 9 hours sleep a night because there are so many changes going on in their lives, both physically and mentally. For some parents this can feel like living with an unexploded bomb as you never know what the next issue will be.

Many of the concerns revolve around school and college. Parents want the best for their children and yet for some teenagers the learning process can be difficult, until they find out how to hit their stride. Frances can help by:

  • finding out how your child learns best through a detailed learning styles assessment
  • help with motivation
  • suggest ways of improving concentration
  • draw up an action plan tailored to your teenagers needs for successful learning
  • help get revision back on track

However, you might be more concerned about your teenagers:

  • lack of sleep
  • moodiness/irritability
  • unwillingness to go to school
  • lack of communication
  • disorganisation
  • general attitude

What does it involve?

An initial assessment of learning preferences and chat with your teenager plus 2 reports, ( 1 to give you a detailed analysis of how your child learns and the second to give a detailed action plan with strategies for improved learning ) costs from £50. You will need to allow at least 1hr for assessment and discussion.

Follow up coaching sessions from £35 per session, each meeting lasting up to an hour.  someone outside the family more readily. Sessions are planned to be light hearted but to give very definite strategies and goals which will be tailored to fit the needs of your teenager.





Email Frances to find out how she can inspire and help your teenager become the person you know they can be.