New Year – new you?

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Its raining and the first day of the new academic year. Not a good start. before the end of the week, Summer will be a distant memory but there is so much else to look forward to. A new term is like a new exercise book, a blank sheet ready for your best work. Time for reflection: what went well last year and what was not so good?

From the beginning of term sort out your work life balance. No one wants you to be consumed by schoolwork but neither do you want to run yourself ragged involving yourself in too many activities. One of my clients was always behind with her work and her teachers were, shall we say, less than pleased. on talking to her about her extra curricualr activities it became apparent that she barely had enough time to eat and sleep, never mind doing homework and revision. As a keen sportswoman she was up early to train, then had an hour bus journey to school with a corresponding return trip followed by more training. At the weekend she was travelling to competitions. Although this is an extreme example, in many classrooms there will be students who do so much they do not have enough time or inclination for study. Life is not all about school but you do need to pace yourself.

It is also important not to put too much pressure on yourself. Yes, you want to do well but you also need to be happy in what you do. Take some time to consider what you really, really want to do and also what your goals are.

Remember too, if you are a workaholic, that it is not how long you spend in front of your books which is important but how you engage with the material and what you retain.

Everyone has a preferred way of working and an effective way of working. Make sure you know how to pace yourself and how to organise your time effectively, right from the begininig of term, leaving space for rest and relaxation along the way.