Results are in… relief for all.

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It’s a long wait for the exam results; students, parents and teachers are all on edge until the dreaded day arrives. So it is for learning coaches; you are on edge wondering how your clients have done. On the surface of course it is all about grades. Did they do as well as you hoped? Have they got what they need to move onto the next stage. But of course it is about much more than that;  it is about all the other achievements the pupil has made in confidence, maturity, overcoming obstacles, motivating themselves and improving focus.

Of course I was relieved when the results rolled in and my clients had done well but each had made other terrific but ungraded strides in their achievements. For some it was discovering a will to work and a self belief in their own abilities. It is not easy being a teenager and many suffer from the “everyone else is – getting better grades, scores more goals, can present material better, has read more books” syndrome. It is perhaps inevitable that students are much better at putting themselves down rather than building themselves up! The coach not only has to provide them with tools to fly but has to push them onto the runway and make sure they  take off. When take off is achieved it is a great moment because once they are flying and have gained confidence, grades start to improve.

For others it was a battle with the old enemy procrastination. There are many ways to spend time instead of studying but this year many of my clients have succumbed to the attractions of the internet. It is perhaps easy to criticise and it certainly wasn’t like that it my day ( as many parents might say) but the fact is our day was in a different era. Now information and friends are just a click away and it is natural for teenagers to want to socialise. The timewasting has taken many forms – You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Skype and online games. Each client was intelligent and articulate, these are bright boys and girls, but they just couldn’t keep their internet usage in check. Time and time again when we looked at time management, hours were being spent online. It was in almost every case affecting sleep patterns too and so this took quite a lot of work  to get back on track but we did.

Knowing where to start is a problem for some other students. The obvious answer is at the beginning but some students are so overwhelmed by the size of the task that they just can’t see,  or can’t decide ,where the beginning might be. Once they have been given the tools to break work down into smaller portions and shown how to plan for what they might do then they can commence.

Running out of steam is another common occurrence. Essays or projects are started with all good intentions but as more things come in the ability to finish anything dwindles. When a student gains in confidence they often acquire an increased ability to finish work. Motivation can also impact on persistence and it is imperative that teenagers have a goal in sight. I have repeatedly seen pupils underachieve dramatically because they didn’t have a goal. Without anything to strive for their momentum vanished and they bumped along, usually looking miserable and getting poor grades.

Onwards and upwards is the watchword though. I’m very pleased with the results my clients have achieved and wish them every success in their future studies. If you too would like to hone your time management skills.  find out  to strike a balance between work and pleasure, to improve your concentration, stop procrastinating or just find out what works best for you in terms of study and revision skills call me now on 01600750519 0r text me on 07756874471 or email